So, I need some help…

We are the midst of a pantry and linen closet remodel. As a result, I am going to get to finally paint the big bathroom.  It has needed it for a while, and now with new drywall surfaces, I am going to get it done.

The question is What am I going to do in there?  It is a large space and can stand a big color, which I am inclined to because so many of the rooms in the house are very mellow colors. I thought about that great tealish aqua color that is popular or orange or green or…. anything really.

Here is a little view of the bathroom.

This is also the kids bathroom.  I would like it to be lively and fun.  Whimisical without being annoying.  I don’t want fish or swinging monkeys or anything dumb.

I have been looking at shower curtains because I think that you can swing a whole color scheme on that focal point.

I like this one, but this is MY kind of taste, not necessary kid-esque…

InterDesign Cocoa Dandelion Shower Curtain  - 72 x 72


I like this, but wonder if it is too cheezy. Additionally, the bathroom is already tan with brown and green accents. I would like to see a change.  I could paint it the green in the curtain… but my master bath is that color too.

Awesome Owls Shower Curtain - 70x71".Opens in a new window

I like this, and I could definitely see the bathroom the aqua/teal color in this.

Room Essentials® Vine Leaf Shower Curtain - Purple

Kinda diggin’ this too… looks fun

Target Home ™ Vista Tree Shower Curtain - Multicolor (72x72")

so… thoughts?  Ideas?  I am really open to anything great. This is just from one site, and by no means exhaustive.


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4 thoughts on “So, I need some help…”

  1. I like the owl one. I think I see a little yellow in the curtain, you could go with that.
    I also do like the teal idea….

  2. Love the owls and the trees… course, I’m biased because both of them look like Stampin’ Up sets we have…. but if you can’t go big and bold in a kids’ bathroom, where can you? Go for it! They’re only little once.

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