Little Victories

Victories come in so many different forms.

With our littlest guy, school is a struggle.  If you have spent any time with us, you have probably heard lamentations on the subject.  He struggles to focus.  He struggles to sit still.  He struggles with anything that resembles a classic education.

We have worked at this from a natural point of view and have even discussed with his doctor the possible need for medical intervention even though we have been so against it.

His recent concussion seemed to make things so much worse, and we have been at our wits end with him.  Our child who USED to keep a clean bedroom has become so disorderly is crazy.  School work has become worse than awful.

All the while, I have this delightful little soul to love on.  He is the most loving child!  He loves you with everything he’s got.  He is almost always smiling even if sometimes it is full of mischief.

When I was on my recent trip, he was able to have another visit with Dr. Grandma and we have been trying a new round of natural things to help alleviate the problems.  He received his care package from Grandma just the other day, and he has been faithfully taking his stuff.  He keeps telling me that he has to take his “lipoic acid to make his brain heal itself all up.”

Earlier this week, I had a fleeting thought that math had gotten done much quicker than normal, but I did not want to get my hopes up.  But, TODAY…

Today has been a GREAT day!!!!

Did you know that boy did FOUR lessons in math today?

Did you know that boy has figured out multiplication and division?  I introduced the concepts about three weeks ago!  Today he did 9 X 4 = 36 in his head before I could write down the problem. … 45 divided by 9… and.. OH MY!!! School work got DONE!  He squirmed about the whole time, but the work was DONE!!!

Then I started to break up the old sidewalk today.  He is always the first to run out and help with anything like this.  He loves to work.  I was not getting anywhere with the sidewalk and went inside to call about a jackhammer and get ready to go to the doctor.  By the time I was ready to go, he had the entire section of sidewalk pried up  with two pry bars and a mini sledge.   We did not have to rent a jackhammer!

 photo 20140605_174825.jpg

AND THEN, when I took the man-child to the doctor, I left instructions for rooms to get worked in.  Considering he has the attention span of a gnat, my hopes were not high not his corner of the world

This is what I returned to.

 photo 20140605_174800.jpg

Do you have any idea how long its been since I have seen the floor?!?

So today I celebrate these little, but MAJOR victories at our house.  Daddy and boy-child are at the store buying posters to put on the bedroom walls as a reward.

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