Why torture myself again….

As some may have heard, I decided to give up the caffeine yet again.  So many have asked WHY???

Why torture yourself?

Please drink it again.

Please get some caffeine in you…. NOW!

Last year, I went 9 full months with out my beloved Diet Coke, but I started drinking it again after seeing my doctor.  He told me that it was not a good thing that I gained weight while I quit drinking it, and a little caffeine didn’t hurt anyone.  So I decided that I could have one a day… that would work.

Well, an addiction is a funny thing. It can creep up and just take over.  One becomes an occasional two and the snowball grows from there.  My Diet Coke habit came back in a short time, and I was addicted again.

Sure, “addiction” is a tough word.  I don’t have one of those BAD addictions.  I am not addicted to drugs, to booze, to _________.  You know what I am talking about – those really bad ones that a good Christian would stay away from.  We are so quick to stand up on our soap box and bash those fighting things around us.  Yet,  how many of those same people proclaiming their disdain snuggle up with a whole pizza  or can’t function with out their morning constitutional of coffee.

I know that as a Christian it is wrong to have something that is in control of me other than my Lord.  I know an addiction is wrong.  I know that my addiction to Diet Coke and dare I say, emotional eating…. are wrong.  They control me.  They have power over me that I should give to no one but my Lord. So again, I ask for the strength to beat it.  I know that I can not do it alone even though I am a determined person.  It isn’t something I want to give up, but it is something that I know that I shouldn’t have because it has me.

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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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