Who pastors the pastor?

I realize that I have a lot of time to think at this exact moment, and I do not know that that is a great thing.

I have had a lot of time to spend  thinking about this subject.  Who takes care of the pastor when HE needs the care?

I know that this post may come from some raw feelings because of our recent situation, but I really want to know.  I was wondering about this subject long before this all happened.

When a pastor finds himself in a rough situation who is ready to take care of him?  Who should be there to take care of him?  Who provides him with support that he so willingly offers others?  Who is there to listen to his cares and woes?

I know that in our situation, many people have been so willing to come to our aid.  I had more visitors that they would let me have at the hospital.  We have meals being delivered.  We have people offering help in anyway that they can.  But this is not what I am talking about. I want to know who helps make sure that the pastor is okay.

He has been scared witless because his wife has been sick.  He has had to a lot of things to deal with mentally and emotionally.  So who takes care of him?

I know that, yes, he has God.  He has the Comforter.  However, anyone who lives in this world knows that people need other people to surround them.

I think that my husband needs that, and he has not been given that from the people that I think he should be there for him.  It is a tough thing for a wife to watch.  Tough stuff.



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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

One thought on “Who pastors the pastor?”

  1. I think that each Pastor (should) have a mentor and most do. I believe that it is the role of the said mentor to check in on each other. Because they know the burden that each other carries better then anyone.

    But that being said…. it is also the role of his church Elders and leaders to check on him and make sure that the Pastor is doing well. In all areas of the pastors life. Both in times of distress and in “good times”

    I also think that fellow pastors should check in on each other and keep each other accountable.

    And finally, I think that for me personally, we are just friends of you and Jp. We don’t attend your church, but it is also our job to check on him. He can be open and honest with us in a way that maybe he doesn’t feel he can with people so close.

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