Very Random Thoughts…

I am in the “Hair Rage” stage of growing my hair out.   However… I will win.  I will conquer. I will NOT cut it off.

Jillian Michaels might be the devil. 

I really, really hate that people have ruined Facebook for me.  I used to have fun.  Now, every time I open my browser I have to think, someone is going to report this to my mother.

Oh wait… I am 37… it really shouldn’t matter should it? But somehow… it does.

I have been stuck at the SAME weight since January 23rd.  It is not fair, but it is what it is. Whining about it will not help.  Giving up will not help.  I am just very frustrated about it. 

Lyssa and I leave for our cruise in 46 days.  (Don’t be a hater)

We still can not find the missing keys.  The money it is going to take to replace the missing key is ridiculous, and I refuse to spend it.  HOWEVER, I need the car to move!  

I really do not like Maranatha’s new mascot.  It looks okay, but Sabercats?  All I can think of is “THUNDERCATS HO!”  I agree it was time for a change but…. ew.

I REALLY want to para sail while on the cruise. I am scared of heights and scared of the ocean, so this should be GREAT fun. BUT I REALLY REALLY WANT TO TRY. 

I am afraid to even talk about my weight and weight related things because I have been up and down so much in the last eight years that I know that people must think, “Oh, here we go again.”  I am afraid to fail.

I figured out what I hate about spring.  MUD.  I hate mud.  I swept this floor three times today.  I mopped.  You can not tell.  I used to think it was because we had a big dog.  Well, two little dogs make a big mess too.  And four kids. And their friends.

I am really struggling with disobedience and our children. Not in big stuff, but in little things. I am in a quandary as to handle it.  I know it must be dealt with, but how.

I am really ready to be in the dirt.  I am ready for little plants and warm dirt (NOT MUD) between my toes. 

I very well, might not be able to move my legs tomorrow.

The insurance process starts tomorrow. That should be VERY interesting.  The first person comes at 9 to survey the damage.  I am guessing the paint that is hanging off the walls and ceiling is a sign that things are not kosher in our walls.

I am SO very blessed. In too many ways to count.



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