This is my family. I blame JP.

I do not now why I am shocked any more.  I have been part of this family for 16 years, and I helped create the monster that it is, but I still get shocked.

My children are harboring a fugitive.

With their father’s blessing.

Yesterday morning, I heard delighted screams coming from the garage and I assumed that they had seen yet another chipmunk running through the garage.  I also ASSUMED, that the boys would be running for their BB guns next, to kill said chipmunk.

Instead, I was shocked to find out the although there was a chipmunk involved, this time they were EXCITED because #2 was in possession of the chipmunk!  She had a six foot section of PVC pipe held up chest high with a chipmunk inside!

Mom, dad, two interns, and all kids come running, and somewhere in the excited chaos SOMEONE comes up with the INSANE idea that we should KEEP the chipmunk… even if just for a while.

WHAT?  Wait?

Did someone ask Mom?

Did someone consider the possiblility that that thing could KILL us with rabies? Mange?  Plague?  Hanta Virus?


Chicken Pox?


You know, that thing must me a KILLER!

 photo Killerchipmunk.jpg

OH but he is SOOO cute, we are going to KEEP HIM!  .…um, no

and give him a name….NO!

and teach him to do tricks…NOOO!!

and keep in him in a cage…
 photo eabb83e9-c63b-476c-8ae6-42e92d6ab5e9.jpg

I gave him French fries and pumpkin seeds… He ate the fries.  He must belong here.

Yes.. this is my family…and I love them!

By the way, I will really miss Alvin when we release him at the park later today.  

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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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