The little man is in charge

When the big kids were away, the littlest guy had his plans for what we all were expected to do.  The very first thing we were to do as soon as we left the other kids at camp was to go fishing!  He really, really wanted to take the row boat out and see if we were going to sink.

We had to disappoint him, and we did not get to a chance to see if we could walk on water. However, we did get to go fishing!  We picked up some bait and we headed out to Four Lakes.
 photo e4bc60aa-c669-4a07-855f-0b806980e410.jpg

He really, really wanted to catch a fish.  He tried REALLY hard.  He was happy for a while.

 photo 57192157-1954-4415-a683-68b9fc68c163.jpg

He talked Grandpa and Grandma into going with us.  My dad had not been fishing in years, and I think he enjoyed it.  My mom, well, she just doesn’t sit still well.  Fishing is not exactly for her, but she wanted to see the little guy catch a fish!

 photo c9d13387-d06f-4a4b-8888-3f58cbc7d21b.jpg

They went everywhere looking for the mysterious and illusive fish.

FINALLY, He was able to reel in the BIG ONE. He was SO excited!

 photo 3cabe91c-1764-4cca-9305-7248d85c0337.jpg


Isn’t it the cutest little fish you have ever seen?

 photo 00ea90c2-a8da-47dd-b40d-207558796ec7.jpg

What a beautiful boy on a beautiful night!

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Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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  1. I like what happens when he is in charge. Maybe he should be in charge more often? More fishing trips? More lawn chairs? ( :

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