So much better

I recently became “Friends” with an old friend.  In fact, this old friend was someone I “went with” when we were kids.  You know the days of “going together.”  We were young and we “went” with each other.  We didn’t really go anywhere except one time we went to Guisseppi’s.  We all know how much I love that place, so the date is memorable.  The days of young dumb “love.”

I explored his pictures to see what his life was like.  Sure, he is still good looking; He looks fit and free.  He seems to have a good job, and has made a decent life for himself.

At first, my thoughts turned to the what if’s and wonder why’s until I really looked at the pictures for real.  Half of pictures had to do with beer.  The other half had to do with weight lifting, cars, motorcycles, and parties.  His son is in many of them, and it seems he was born when we were quite young considering that I have a 12 year old who was born when I was only 22.  His son looks considerably older.  Scrolling through the pictures I see pictures of him flipping off the camera, and even a few of his son following suit.

How much greater is God’s plans that ours?  Sure, I was heartbroken as a young kid when the relationship fizzled and died.  Certainly, I was forced to spend time scratching out our initials that I had emblazoned my canvas binder with.

What about the other “relationships” that ended in heartache?

Instead I sit as a 34 year old woman who probably seems ancient to my old friend.  I am married and have four kids.  I teach –  AT A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL no less.  I am a pastor’s wife.  I garden.  I can even crochet if I have time.  I enjoy pulling weeds and playing in dirt, and coaching my kid’s sports teams.  I take my kids to sewing lessons.  I am OLD, Man!!!

Yet, God had an amazing plan for my life.  I am married to a fantastic man who loves his Lord, his wife, and his kids.  Neither of us are ever going to models, but we are happy. Sure, we don’t have that much money, but it seems we always find enough.  We aren’t jet-setters, but we are never bored.  We have the four most amazing kids known to man, and we get to be their parents!  I have a job I love.  I have a home I can tinker around and a huge yard that I would hate to ever give up.  We have amazing family and friends.  I am so Blessed.

No matter what heartache besets me, I know that His plan is so much greater than anything I can dream up in my little mind and heart.

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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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