Rental Cars, Roaches, and the TSA

On Tuesday night we all gathered at our rental cars to return to our rented condos for the evening.  Our team was in a couple rented vans and a car or two.  We had enjoyed a delicious dinner at Don Pablos as a group, and were making a stop and heading “home.”

Jp and I were in the van with our friend and loved Boss-man John.

John does not like dirt.  John does not like bugs. John does not like gross.

We get in the van and John exclaims. “There are roaches in this car!”

Roaches?  Really?

I have never seen a roach outside of the hissing cockroaches of Madagascar that are at the zoo.

After some investigating, we were fairly confident our van has roaches.  Little amber colored roaches.

I tried to take a picture.

We rode the remainder of the trip in near silence .  After one of those little buggers climbed on my flip-flop clad foot I decided to ride with my legs extended parallel to the ground.  We piled our recent purchases on our laps and hoped for the best.

I went immediately to the shower, and I think that I was not the only one who took a “that totally grossed me out” shower.  My skin crawled!!!!   It was awful.   We went through our bags outside our room and tried to insure we did not transport any of the lovely creatures.

Dennis changed our rental car the next morning, and it seems that people in Florida are not nearly as grossed out by cockroaches us northerners.

On Thursday we were at the airport ready to go home.  We checked our bags, and I reached in to my wallet to grab my ID to take to security.

Imagine my horror as a single golden cockroach was walking along the inside of the wallet opened in my hands.  Just imagine.

As I shook the little critter loose and flung him to the floor, my first thought was that the TSA was going to stream in from everywhere and “detain” me for bringing foreign objects into the airport.  I could see my bags ripped apart and examined while we were in a little back room explaining how we got a cockroach from a rental car.

I could just see the TSA agent lean across the table to which I was chained and with an accusatory look and tone boom, “Do you really EXPECT us to believe you did not know you were bringing roaches into the Orlando International Airport?  What were you REALLY trying to do, Mrs. Griffin?  Is that even your real name?”


“You husband is in the other room singing like a canary.  Did you try to bring any of those into this airport?”

In reality, what was actually happening was me trying to not freak out and draw too much attention to the roach I just set free from my wallet while JP looked on in amused horror.

We made our way to an area where we could empty my purse and my wallet and look for anymore stow-a-ways, and having found now we made our way through security.

When they x-rayed our bodies and bags no TSA agents moved us to another room for questioning, so I am assuming they found no more on our persons.

The good news is that JP told me it didn’t matter what it cost but I am to go buy a new purse AND wallet today.


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Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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  1. haha…no they are not as grossed out, in Oklahoma they are not either their roaches are mainly wood roaches…when we lived there I still called the Orkan man when I seen some in the closet….

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