Park fun!

Thursday is supposed to Magic Waters day, but I refused to spend another day there with a high of only 75 degrees, so I told the kids we would hit a park… or two.

The kids are happy to have Tony and Haley back for the summer and insisted they come play too.  So off we went, Mom, two interns, and six kids in Betty.  Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for Betty?  I really have NEVER wanted a ginormous 15 passenger van, but oh my goodness! Is it wonderful for hauling around the little people! I love that the kids, and all the friends can just pack on in and head on out.

The kids played a giant game of tag all over the playground. It was fun to see Haley and Tony get involved.  The kids love them, and I know why!  They play with them!
 photo d668bafd-b3ef-4606-9acf-01f79d9449c3.jpg

This picture of Tony just kills me. I am just sure he will LOVE it too.  Maybe he will make it his profile picture on Facebook!

 photo 4e27628e-131e-4629-9cf0-235dfbe50de0.jpg

Ok… Bubba… This dude just kept wiping out.   I had to take a picture one of the times 🙂

 photo ec679d15-ae31-4a39-bf3f-091970b4a08a.jpg

Noah… Having a teenager  is a huge ball of emotions.  I constantly overwhelmed by the mix.  He is truly a sweet boy (Shhh.. don’t tell him I said that!)  He has a soft spot for Jellybean, and here they are “hiding” from the big kids in the game.   She said, “T.T.  go away, we hiding from Kiss.”

 photo 081f6b1b-9c94-43e2-ad36-7a6c8ec44e73.jpg

Then, she decided they needed to hide by the big cow.  He dutifully went with, indulging her whims pretending they were hiding.

 photo 1930a667-a6c2-47cf-aae7-e3547a4f6076.jpg

Every once in a while, he reverts to child status.  Rolling down the hill was one of those times.  I HAD to take a picture!   photo 18b35ccb-d930-4577-9f9a-88161002a794.jpg

I told the big boys I needed a picture of them on this pig.  I have a picture (SOMEWHERE) of all four of our kids on this same pig.  They used to fit… Not so much anymore.   photo b6da6304-4a25-40e2-be81-dc96b2fe7768.jpg

No visit to Lockwood is complete without a trip to the animals, and of course, #3 was in heaven!

 photo 389817dd-433b-4d61-92db-dea3a7b5dc46.jpg

The Whole Gang!

 photo ff87bc8d-2221-4e11-a16d-c52b505bd04e.jpg


OH but there’s more… We went to another park… To be continued!

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