Our kids are slobs…

I don’t know quite how and why we went wrong, but something isn’t right.  We have four kids that are TERRIBLE at picking up after themselves.

I realize that I have exactly been the model house keeper, especially during the busier times.  However, I really thought they were grasping what I expect from them.

I expect them to NOT leave wrappers from whatever the just unwrapped anywhere they wish.

I expect them to pick up the clothes that come off their body, and not leave them in a heap wherever they fall.

I expect them to pick up toys after they play with them.

I expect them to put things back where they got them.

Sure, I expect them to whine here and there about chores, because I realize they are kids.  However, I expect them to do said chore with a good attitude.

I don’t think that these seem like ridiculous expectations either.

This summer, I have been trying to crack down on this stuff, but if it is working, it isn’t working fast enough.

I am frustrated.  I need to find the answer.  Grrrr…

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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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