I think I jinxed us.

It was not even three weeks ago that I was stating that we had made it through thirteen years of parenthood without a broken bone. I thought I knocked on wood when I said it, but obviously, that didn’t help.

I still am trying to figure out how one misses an entire trampoline. Really? How big is a trampoline? and HOW can you miss the WHOLE THING?

Well, I have always thought this kid was talented ūüôā

When we saw the shape of his arm, we knew that something was up. JP took off with him to the ER since I needed to stay with the other kids. Noah had a friend staying over too. Poor friend. His wonderful parents came and picked him up.

When I got to the ER (after my parents came and rescued us) I was shocked to find them waiting in the WAITING room still. The ER was full and there were no rooms for him. They took his x-rays and made him return to the waiting room! They finally took us back and there we had to wait more… and more…

We did hear some interesting things while we waited… The lady on one side of Noah, came in because she fell at the bus-stop. Well, “While I am here, can you look at my throat… It hurts” and While you are looking at my throat, “my tooth hurts….” ¬†Really? ¬†I can understand coming in for the fall, but the tooth? ¬†The throat?

Then we got to listen to the lady on the other side of Noah, and we got to hear all about how she came in to the ER FOR PINK EYE. It wasn’t even pink eye either. She had a cold and she was coughing so hard that she ruptured blood vessels in her eye. And, the famous line, “While I am here, can I get a chest x-ray and a urine test?”


JP really wanted to the doctor for a few extra services while we were in there, but thankfully we ran out of time and he had to leave for church.

When our turn finally came to see the doctor, I was relieved when it was Dr. Nicolosi. ¬†However, I don’t think it is a good thing when the ER doctor remembers you. ¬†He was the doctor we got to see when I dislocated #3’s wrist trying to teach her how to swing a baseball bat, and that wasn’t the only time we have met him :/

We could see him in the back room looking at Noah’s X-rays, and from a distance I thought it was all good. ¬†When we saw him change screens and start¬†researching¬†different kinds of splints, we knew something was¬†a kilter.

They decided to use a “Sugar-tong Splint.”¬†Read of it here¬†if you are into weird medical stuff. ¬†IT was quite a interesting process to watch.

He really was a trooper.  He was in a lot of pain, and he held his head up, and acted like a big kid.  I was really surprised at how grown up he acted.


He really didn’t want his picture taken though! ¬†He was hungry. ¬†VERY hungry. ¬†All he cared about was some food. ¬†He missed lunch because he was busy missing the trampoline.

Now, we wait. ¬†We have to wait until Tuesday to call the Orthopedic surgeon. ¬†Then wait to see him, and then see what he says. ¬†I guess we will get a real cast then. ¬†Until then, we just wait, and hope he doesn’t whine too much.

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