I am pretty sure I am normal.

I begin to wonder sometimes about what “normal” is supposed to be.  I know that people say there is no “normal.”  “Normal ” is different to everyone.

My “normal”  is pretty different from anyone else that I know.  I know that our life is constantly chaotic, and when things are calm it is near boring. If things were always like that I do not know how I would deal with it.

It is funny how God takes two people from different “normals” and they struggle to find their own “normal.”

Before we left on our recent trip to Florida, JP and I got a good chuckle out of the email that we sent out with our “itinerary.”  My father-in-law is ultra-organized when it comes to his travel arrangements.  When they are traveling, he has it planned to the minute detail and each of the children gets a copy of his itinerary.  I am pretty sure he has even documented when he will be stopping to blow his nose and the flight number on which he will be doing the nose clearing on.

JP and I were so proud of ourselves for having a rental car reserved and a confirmation number in hand.

(We all know how well THAT worked out!)

We sent out our information to the entire family and got a good giggle.

We knew our general plans and people knew our flight numbers to meet us at the airport.  We had cell phones…

Then we experience the other side of the coin.  I do not know how my parents never sold all their stuff and went cross country in a Winnebago.

I spoke to my parents this morning while they were sitting at the O’Hare airport waiting for their flight to Mexico.

“Well, did you leave us information on how to get a hold of you in case of emergency?”

“um… no. Should we have?”

“Well, do you think that is important? I am going to be in the middle of the Caribbean, and JP will be here with no way to get a hold of either of us if something bad happens.”

“Nothing bad is going to happen. Don’t worry”

“It would be nice to have an idea…you know, just in case.”

“Well, get out a pen.“  I find an old bank envelope in her car anticipating the information.

“We will be staying in Caribbean Reef Villa.  Puerto Morales.”

“Okay, and the number?”

“Number?  There is no phone.”

“Okay, what company is it booked with?  He could call them if something happened.  Grandpa is 96, you know.”

“Um,  we might have a number for a guy in California.  We rented it from him.  It is private…. No…we don’t have that either.”

“So…if Grandpa…you know… “

 “Call Kelvin.  He knows which funeral home we went through everything is paid for. …and Grandpa is doing really great after a week with the kids.  He came out of his room and ate every day!  He even went out to dinner.  We think he should stay with you guys. ”


well, we will turn our phone every couple days and check for messages…” 

I guess this in an improvement.  One time I just knew they were in Mexico.

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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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