I am not old enough for this!

In five short days, we will be parents of a teenager.

In five days he can have his own Facebook account.

In one year he will be headed to high school.

In three years he can legally operate a motor vehicle without an adult there to panic.

In five years he will graduate from high school.

In eight years, he will be the age I was when I got married.

In nine years he will be the age that I was when I had him.

Please tell me where the time has gone?

Earlier today, I was discussing this very topic when someone said, “Whew!  You’d better watch out. I know what I was doing at 13!”

My first thoughts were that there is NO way this child could be doing such things.  He still likes his Legos…. A LOT! He still tortures his little sister, and happily keeps his nose in a book.  He still PLAYS!

But I was…


At thirteen, I made my first mini skirt (out of a longer skirt) and used the remants to make my first tube top.  I then sported said mini skirt and said tube top with a HOT PINK knit cardigan, scrunchie socks, and a side pony tail whenever I could sneak around in it.

At thirteen, I had been kissed during study hall at my christian school.

At thirteen, I would sneak around to listen to Bon Jovi on my walkman.

At thirteen, I tried my first beer while on vacation with a friend at her grandparents house at a lake. (AND… we watched MTV!) [insert sarcastic remark here]

And all of this with parents who were tough!  All this, and my parents didn’t know until I felt guilty and fessed up much later in life.  They didn’t know! I am guessing they didn’t think I was capable of such atrocities!

I think back to my Lego playing-near teenager and I wonder what in the world I could be missing?!?  I don’t want to be a suspicious crazy lady, but am I naive?  Could my innocent young boy be sneaking around all while I think he is still just an innocent young boy? Maybe I am right, but maybe I am wrong.

I realize that I can’t borrow trouble, and I know that he is safely and securely in his FATHER’S hands.  I know that I wasn’t saved at thirteen, and thank YOU LORD, he is.

All I can do is keep him in prayer, beg God to guide him, and beg that he stays open to His guiding.  I must stay vigilant, and not put my head in the sand, but his future is not in MY HANDS.


I surely would really mess that poor kid up.



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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

4 thoughts on “I am not old enough for this!”

  1. Um….I think you aren’t missing anything with him. I think he is innocent and still really does just enjoy playing with legos. If it were #3 or 4, then I would say worry. 😉

    1. Can you just IMAGINE what it will be like when the are 14 and 13!!!!! I will just have to check myself into a looney bin.

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