Cruising Part 3: Bonus Laugh AT Tancy

So, I am noticing that I am having more… um… senior moments.  I do not think it is fair, considering I am not even forty, but I don’t seem to be thinking as clearly as I once was.

I recently lost a whole set of keys and after waiting six weeks to make replacements, accidentally threw the replacement away in the outside garbage.

The cruise did not seem to be an exception. I was really hoping that all that relaxing was going to return me to my mental pinnacle, but it did not seem to help.

I locked myself out of my stateroom on more than one occasion.  I had to go get a new pass key once because of it.  I just LOVED having to traipse into the “Royal Promenade”  in my swimsuit and cover-up and announce that I was the  idiot who went to the pool without a thought of how I was going to get back into my room.  Thankfully the next time I locked myself out of our room, our steward was right there to let me back in.  I will not confess how many times this happened.

On one particular evening our little group was running about the ship, and I decided I needed to run to my room for a few things and I would meet up with everyone in the agreed upon meeting place.  We were in the elevator  carrying on about something and when the elevator got to floor eleven ( my floor) and the rest of the elevator occupants got off.  I ,of course, was too busy being ridiculous to think about my exit until the elevator was moving again.

It was decided that a little walk wouldn’t kill me, and I would exit at floor twelve.

I hurriedly made it to room 624 – my room- and stuck my key in the door.

It didn’t work.

I tried again.

It still didn’t work.

I knocked on the door, ya know…JUST in case Lyssa had gotten there before me, and could save me from getting ANOTHER room key.

No Lyssa.

I was fuming.  My feet hurt  because I was wearing dumb shoes that may of looked great, but were killing me.  I was slightly sunburned,and I am thinking I might have been a tad cranky.  So I stormed down the hallway and grabbed the steward.

It was not my regular steward, but he would do.

As I was dragging him to the door explaining my predicament, it hit me…

Yes there is a reason a key card won’t work in room 624.  When you are on the wrong floor.




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