Betty the Beautiful Blue Beast

I do not know why I ever doubt.

We serve a God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, and I yet I limit Him in my own mind with my worry!

In the last few months we have faced some serious financial obstacles. It has seemed like there was a constant drain on budget with large unexpected obligations.  After an insurance deductible, broken cars, broken water heaters, etc.  when the transmission went out on the white van it was the last straw in my mind.

The poor white van does not owe us anything.  We have had it ten years and it has over 240,000 miles on it.  It is tired, and has finally given up. It has been a good car, but honestly putting a new transmission in it was not a wise financial decision.  So I started praying. I had no answers.  I was praying JP would not buy a convertible while I was on the cruise! The only insurance I thought I had was that I was pretty sure no one in their right mind would give us a loan on a convertible!

Upon my return, a friend, who prefers to remain nameless, asked me if JP was still interested in a 15 passenger van.  I have told JP for years he could not have one, but he has always wanted one.  The friend told us that they had an offer we could not refuse and we should come over and look at something.

We went over to “Just look” on Tuesday, and that “offer” was a gift.   They have given us Beautiful Betty the Blue Beast —   a 1992 Ford 350 Econoline Van.

 photo 3f73d99e-b485-491a-85a1-0c5957e6fe00.jpg

Betty is in fantastic shape.  We had to get her a new battery, and maybe she might need some brake work and tire work. We have to work out some kinks from sitting out for that long.  And look at this odometer!!!
 photo e77a30c3-d786-4638-94df-52e80c8a9934.jpg


That is ORIGINAL miles.  That is a mere 180,000 less than the car it is replacing! Ain’t God GOOD????

So, I may just giggle a bit when I climb into the giant blue van, and I am going to refer to her as “Vintage.”  BUT, this is my vintage gift from God.  I am so thankful that He blesses me despite my lack of faith.  I am so thankful He has placed people in our lives that listen to God and are obedient.  I am so thankful that He shows me daily He is at work.  I am so blessed.

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Tancy Griffin

Tancy Griffin is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. Her husband Jeremiah Griffin is a church planter and pastor in Rockford, Illinois.

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