Friday Fun

Julie and I decided that we were going to take this whole pack of kids for a Friday bike ride.  It sounds like fun… in theory….

 photo 272c5dd3-6523-4588-bc6f-1e4250a63d77.jpg

We took off with six kids on bikes, one kid in a bike seat and two adults wrangling them all.

We didn’t even make it out of the alley before we  had our first casualty.   After we returned him to home with his dad, we set off again.

I have to add this picture… well, just because it makes me laugh. It does not fit anywhere, but it is special.

 photo 5abb83f5-6b86-4ede-a6d0-ceb8b69cbefc.jpg

We went on our ride, and we had a good time.  Some kids held up better than others.  A certain one of my children did not quite have the stamina  to pull of ten miles and so we got to spend some time together waiting for the rest of the crowd to make the return circle.

Isn’t she beautiful?

 photo 2e007008-39dd-4d72-80bb-a7da7925bbc2.jpg

We took lots of breaks, and our last big pit-stop was at the playground. It was nice to see the kids playing. Kids don’t PLAY enough anymore.

 photo 0bc9ae5e-ebec-4e17-a0ea-7aaf93228ac3.jpg

#3 and #4 were determined to play on the springy horse thing… I think that she is a little too big for it….

Um… Buddy… I think you are too big for that too!

 photo 310b257a-e54c-4468-bc1e-cff0212b8169.jpg

It was even fun to watch the big bad teenager relax a bit and have a little fun.

 photo fd25c0fb-3609-4c21-937b-9d169724ce67.jpg

I LOVE this picture of him. He is actually smiling!

 photo cf5bea90-a261-40aa-b0eb-04f46547db84.jpg

What fun would a playground be without a toddler? You have to have a toddler!

 photo f763c480-1103-4933-9f0d-6e21c0ef37dc.jpg

This boy… He just melts my heart. He is just stunning!

 photo 5dcec887-4042-4d4a-9346-f0d8d74a167e.jpg

We worked really hard to get a picture of the five of us… well… this is as good as it gets.

 photo e9670bda-5c25-4751-a714-0e4fb3f8987b.jpg

We decided that we have to do this again next week.  Some of the kids are less excited than the others. LOL!  The moms thought it was fun.

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