He Wows again!

I know that I say this often, but God.. well He just continues to wow me!

We have been on a wild ride lately.  It has been all kinds of crazy here in the Griffin house.  God has chosen to temporarily add three extra members to this busy house. We are truly blessed to be chosen to have this in our lives. We pray that God will use us in His way.

Well,  as you can imagine, money is not exactly shooting out of our ears and all the changes have brought some added financial stress.  God has met every need, and we have been just fine.

Well, just yesterday I was thinking that things were tight and a specific number in my mind that would really alleviate that burden.  I knew that we would find the money  in the next couple weeks, but this number would really just ease the pinch.  God and I had a chat about it, and I felt like He was reminding me that HE was in charge and knew what I needed.

Well, I looked through the mail thinking that God PROBABLY.. you know in MY way of thinking .. . would chose now to give us one of those wonderful gift cards we get from the planter care ministry.  I am not going to tell you I was not just a tad disappointed that I didn’t open the mail box to that.

But God kept saying that this was HIS thing…

You know what happened… of course… GOD.

TODAY someone handed me a check.

I know you know what the amount was.  EXACTLY.

So.. I drove away in awe.  I thought I can’t not wait until I can tell people what an amazing God I have.  He just continues to WOW me.

So… tonight happens.. someone who I did not expect walked up and handed me some cash.  They had NO clue.  No idea.  Just a word that said, use this.

Wouldn’t you know … just looked at the bundle, it was half the amount of the check.

That is how big my God is!  Really!

Not only did He meet the need I thought I had, but he met is with an extra 50%… Just in case my faith was lacking.

That is how God continues to wow me.  Over and Over and Over again!

How can I keep from shouting that from the rooftops?  My God is good.



So… I have so many thoughts swirling tonight.

I know when I dwell on scripture, It plainly says that God’s approval is all that I need.

In Galatians 1:10, Paul says that if he were still trying to please men, he wouldn’t be a servant of God.

In I Thessalonians 2, Paul again is telling the Thessalonians that they didn’t come for man’s glory.  They came for God’s glory only.

I know this… I know that men’s opinion SHOULD NOT matter, but why does it hurt so when you feel like no matter what you are disappointing those around you?

I know that  the time of life that we are currently in is hectic and crazy.  I know that some people look at it and question our sanity.  BUT I know that GOD has brought us to this path. I KNOW that God is giving us strength for each day, because I know that I would have collapsed a day in! I KNOW that He is sustaining.  So, why do I care what others think?

Why do the disappointing looks matter?  Why do the pointed questions that are veiled in concern bother me?  Why are there people that no matter WHAT you do, you can never make happy?

Goodness, I can’t even make dinner without someone complaining or someone telling me that something is awful.

I just get frustrated. I feel raw and worn down, and yet I KNOW that this isn’t what matters.

I know that as long as I am walking in the center of His will, that I am earning HIS approval, and that is what matters.  It just hurts when those around you don’t seem to get it.

It hurts when you are pushed down continually, but HE gives me strength.  HE alone can sustain me.

I love Psalm 119:116 in the NIV… it has that “sustain” word in it. I feel that is what I need right now, and I know that is what HE is already doing for me.

Sustain me, oh God, according to your promise, and I will live;  do not let my hopes be dashed. 

I know HE is faithful to fulfill His Word.

I am SO thankful.