Martha’s Tired.

Tonight, I am weary and just plain worn out.

My thoughts dwell with Mary and Martha. Recently, my friend Karen and I attempted an online study on the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I really struggled with the study. In fact, I totally flopped. I kept getting hung up on the author’s scolding of Martha.

Poor Martha.

Considering the fact that I am a Martha, I took up great offense for poor Martha. She was just trying to do what she thought needed to be done. She was frustrated that she was the only one in the kitchen while Mary was simply LOUNGING AROUND JESUS’ FEET!

The Mary and Martha war rages continually in my heart. I would love to sit at Jesus’ feet. I want to sit and soak it all up, but I can’t.

Why does Martha have to be the bad guy?

What if your life requires you to be a Martha?

Can you be called to being a Martha?

What happens when Martha is tired?

I think that our trip south has stirred this fight within. I was able to sit and listen to my husband preach for five straight services. Beside the fact that he is my husband (and I am sure I am biased), he is enjoyable to listen too. Time flies, and yet my soul is fed.

Also, we were the guests, and it was certainly wonderful to be treated as one. The food was fantastic, and what made it even better was that I did not have to cook any of it! It was such a treat. We were well cared for.

For the one who is usually the caregiver, this was amazing.

But, alas we must return to our real lives. The lives that we are called to. The life where I am the caregiver again.

I struggle with fatigue.
I struggle with control.
I struggle with my attitude.
I struggle with my focus.

I KNOW that God can give me the strength… even when I am tired. I must just trust that He will.

I KNOW that my need for control is sinful. It is a pride issue. I am NOT in control, and if I was, it would be VERY scary.

I KNOW that it is MY attitude that needs to change.

I KNOW that if my focus is not on Christ and giving him glory, that I am going to sink just like Peter.

So why is it so hard?


Lesterville – Day Two

Second morning in Lesterville, and I actually slept last night.  AFTER, I stayed up half the night praying and writing for my chance to speak to WMU this morning.  God changed everything I thought I was supposed to say. I plan on blogging about what was able to share at WMU.

Our first stop this morning was at the local General Store.

It was nice to step back into time. The store owner was waiting for us and had prepared a plate of the most delicious peanut butter cookies that I have ever had!


One one of the many shelves of antiques, I found this fantastic set of metal cups.


My dad’s mom had this same set in their home in Albuquerque. I grew up drinking from those metal cups. I always thought that the water tasted fantastic in those cups (I later realized that the water tasted great because it was from their well) and I was sad when they vanished.

I tried to buy the set from Dawn, but it wasn’t for sale. 🙁

We moved through town and saw the sites 🙂

I love the quaintness of the town.


Our next stop was at the Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer. We had a wonderful time with the ladies there. My husband was able to speak to them, and spend some time with Scott and Steve. These two men were on our missions team for VBS.

Our meal tonight was with Scott and Lesley Sanders. Scott made a fantastic smoked pork. He gave us an entire roast to take home! Delish.

Tonight we had a wonderful service with the people at Fellowship Baptist church.

I must say that I love it here. I love the pace and the people.

Lesterville – Day one

Twenty four hours into our stay in Lesterville, MO…

All is quiet here.  I love it.  I am enjoying the absence of television and internet.  We can make and receive phone calls, but our smart phones are resembling the kids who ride the special bus.  When you pull up Facebook, you drop your phone on the table and walk away to accomplish something while the phone slowly accomplishes its task.

Our children are enthralled with a VCR.  They haven’t used one of those in a long time, and enjoyed watching a movie backwards this afternoon.  A game system sits in the master bedroom, and I heard that it works.  I have a feeling it is many generations previous to my husband’s precious 360.

The boy child is in his element, much as I am in mine.  He is happily scampering about outside playing with rocks and sticks and anything else he may find.  His sisters aren’t quite as busy as he is, but they are happy nonetheless.


My husband… well, let’s just say that the city is deep within that boy!  We went on a short walk through the woods, and it wasn’t his favorite activity.  He misses his constant connectivity, and he is scheming to drive to the big city and find an internet hotspot.

The back woods of Missouri, and I am happily in the country.