The list…

I intend to actually write about each item… but here is the list.

1. Be a better follower of Christ
2. Be a better wife and mother
3. Be a healthier and better me

Yes, there is a lot of explanation to come and yes, they are quite objective.

Resolutions, Schmeza-lutions

I am not a big resolution writer.  Resolutions are so often just lofty ideals of things we may never be.  Sure, I could resolve to lose 120 pounds and be a size 3, but short of having a body-ectomy It isn’t happening any year.

I like Goals. I like things to shoot for.  I don’t really like a scads of black and white things that I probably can’t achieve even when I line all my ducks up and a very good girl.  So often, I don’t publicize my goals because of fear of failure.  I don’t like failure in the first place, so why would I tell all you people (the two of who that read my drivel) and potentially fail right before your eyes.

The other thing I like is LISTS. I love lists.  I love lists BECAUSE they are black and white.  I know, sounds completely contradictory of my previous thoughts, but lists are great.  I like to check things off lists.  I like to see a list of what I accomplished.  I like the validation of my accomplishment.

In an effort to achieve SOME accountability, I am going to write a list of my GOALS for the new year.  Yes, I am going to write them out, and make them public, and see what happens.  Some are nearly cliche, but hey, I will list them anyway.

Poor little neglected blog

My poor blog…

I really love to blog, and I love to write in general. Yes, I lack time and energy so much of the time.  I want to get back in the swing of things.  I want to post, and I want to be…. well… whatever it is that I am here on my blog.

It is the day after Christmas, and the new year is looming.  So many thoughts race through my head as to what I expect from the new year.  I would like to put in on paper or screen, should I say.  I am hearby committing to actually attempt to blog.

That sounds like commitment, eh?